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About three years ago, I noticed that my son, who was then three years old, began showing signs of intolerance to dairy milk. Since milk formed a big part of his diet, taking it out altogether was out of the question. I started researching alternatives but it proved to be quite a challenge finding alternatives that were free from preservatives, additives and other chemicals. Coming from a country with an abundance of coconuts, and given the popularity of almonds in Canada, it occurred to me that I could actually make my own blend of coconut and almonds. I made my first bottle sometime at the end of 2014. My family absolutely loved it and we switched completely from dairy milk to this home-made blend of coconut and almonds. The best thing about this is knowing that it is al natural – real coconuts, real almonds and water – with no preservatives, additives and other chemicals.
This natural blend, among other natural products, is what we are offering to you and your family.

Hidden naturals makes all the difference in our routine. I was sceptical at first when I heard about the all natural homemade milk but I decided to try it because I was looking to change my diet in terms of using products with ingredients I could pronounce. Also, being lactose intolerant I needed a product that could also meet that need. I can say with confidence I’m grateful I made the switch. Thank you for a great service always too. 

Eunice M

I’ve always been on the lactose intolerant borderline…lots of bloating and gas for a good full day. I started looking for alternatives as I really liked the creamy feeling milk gives to my porridge and smoothies. I tried a few different brands of non-lactose milks but was put off by the lack of authenticity in their tastes…couldn’t taste the coconut in coconut milks and the almond milks tasted quite blah. But this all changed when I was introduced to Hidden Manna Naturals!!! Oh my word! The difference is night and day! You can actually taste the “naturalness” of Hidden Manna Naturals! I think it’s the lack of inflammation-promoting preservatives that is a signature of Hidden Naturals! I love it!!! Every glass is just so refreshing! Not just in my porridges but even drinking with a warm chocolate chip cookie is an experience to be savored! I’m absolutely in love!!! And so are my Babies! Thank you Hidden Manna Naturals!

Ruth Larbi

Nutritional Therapy-trained Momma of 2 adorable Bambinos

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